FAP Launches Website

Welcome to our brand new website!  This has been in the works for
some time, so we are very excited to be up an running on-line.  
Please feel free to offer any comments or feedback concerning our
website at
contact us.

Overview of FAP

We provide staffing solutions to independent contract professionals
and consultants, and to the businesses that utilize their services.  
Learn more about our services at

Our service allows businesses utilizing independent contractors a
safe harbor from scrutiny by tax authorities questioning the status of
"independent contractors".

Our service allows independent contract professionals and
consultants an opportunity to gain a corporate identity and to relieve
the pressures of going it on their own, while allowing them to
continue to work on only the projects they choose and to continue to
be their own bosses.

What We Do

We put independent contract professionals and consultants on our
payroll (W-2 employee), and take care of billings and collections.

We offer our employees a corporate identity, complete with e-mail
account and business cards.  We also provide assistance in finding
new projects and allow access to our database of companies
utilizing independent contract professionals and consultants.